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Full Film Production

With professional members in our group, we offer various services for different fields of film production in Iran. Below is the list of our services:
Pre-Production: Production Research, Cost Analysis, Project Consultancy, Fixing, Location Scouting, Shooting Permits
Film Production: Feature, Short, Documentary, Industrial, Commercial and Music Video
Post-Production: Editing, Special Effects


Post Production: A one-stop creative campus with talent, advanced technologies, flexible workflows and global connectivity.

IMAGEWORKS: An academy, state-of-the-art visual effects and digital production studio dedicated to the art and artistry of visual effects and dynamic creature and character animation.

Corporate Video Production

Due to the advent of the internet, corporate video production is no longer directed only at employees and stockholders. Now corporate videos are for everyone, both in the company and outside it as well. Corporate video content has become a significant factor for search engine optimization on sites such as Google and Yahoo. It also significantly increases brand trust and loyalty. With this in mind, companies are increasingly electing to create corporate video content for their websites.

Nebras Pictures in an international, multi-language, multi-disciplinary company with expertise in all forms of media production. Corporate video production is one of our primary specialties. As with all of our services, our team always delivers your vision within budget, on time and with the highest production values in the business. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us anytime about your next project.

Digital Marketing Video

With digital marketing, audiences are always just a click away from streaming your company’s advertising content. Both mobile and desktop internet users spend more time watching a video than consuming any other medium. Creative digital marketing video content helps to turn heads and captivate audiences.


Nebras Pictures Group Sales offers a one of a kind service, providing your group with the research necessary to organize an event to remember.
Movie Events are fun, out of the ordinary and a cost effective way to:
Treat your company employees.
Host a field trip for your classroom or your child's birthday party.
Have a fun outing with your neighborhood club or organization.
Get a fun group together with your church or congregation.
The Nebras Pictures Group Sales service will understand a client's individual need and interests. Please feel free to inquire with any questions that you may have.